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We Start At The Beginning


We delve into the minds of consumers to gain an understanding of the market necessity, problem, and concerns. 

- Focus GROUPS

We gather ideas from consumer groups to individualize the essential concept and function of the client product.


Our professional team focuses to find the biggest concerns and develop strategies to expand the initial concept.


Our knowledge of current and past trends helps us determine the best route of action for our clients to continue to gain traction.


Developing strong marketing techniques is our specialty. We will familiarize you with our best strategy to promote and expand on your product and long term goals.


Collecting and capturing market research is an essential part of understanding a brand & product. We focus on understanding this data and applying in practical measures. Some of our primary methods include:

  • Qualitative ethnographic research studies

  • Deep-dive, one-on-one field interview research

  • Small focus group research

  • Customer intercept research

  • User experience audits

  • Proof of concept evaluation research

  • Validation testing research

  • Photo and video documentation

Ethnographic Research

Understanding how people live, work and play only increases the success of our clients projects. We take all steps necessary to collect data and apply it into our design and ergonomic development process.


Through detailed poll analysis and physical customer buying studies. We can generate a cumulative study of how customers interact with products and identify market strengths and weaknesses.



How do customers view brands? We consistently challenge this quest looking for the best possible route for brand identity. Creating a strong brand is key to a great vision. We use customer intercepts, and test brand awareness through all projects.

Usability |

Human Factors

Combining all our user analysis and brand understanding in a test market. Our research drives sustainability and reliability throughout our process. This is applied throughout all areas of our customer research and in a cost effective manner.

We can help you:

Uncover what motivates buyers 

Illuminate new opportunities for innovation

Focus your development efforts on what matters most

Increase customer satisfaction and sales

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